Three Christians Tortured In Yazd, Iran Prison

Vali Zahmatkesh

We have received reports that three Christians, Mustafa Zangoyi Booshehri, Vali Zahmatkesh and a brother identified as Omid,

Yazd Is In Central Iran

are currently in prison in Yazd, Iran based upon their activity as Christians.

Mustafa was originally to be released on bail Saturday July 2nd, but the judge was overridden and he has been kept there in prison. The condition for these believers in prison is very bad. Those close to this case are reporting that Mustafa, Vali and Omid are being tortured.

Pray that God would comfort them through the Spirit, they would sense his presence with them, that they would have boldness and strength to stand firm in the faith.

###UPDATE### July 7, 2011

Mustafa, Omid and Vali of Yazd, Iran were all released today. Give thanks to the LORD for he is good, His mercies endure forever!