Brother Amin Khaki Reports To Prison

Four Christian To Be Tried in Ahwaz, Iran

TL: Rahman Bahmani, TR: Mohammad Bahrami, BL: Daniel (Hossein) Barounzadeh, BR: Amin Khaki

We received word from our sources that brother Amin Khaki has reported to prison to serve the remainder of his one year sentence which is 2 months. However, since he was previously convicted of crimes against national security because of his ministry and was given a suspended sentence, he will likely need to serve an additional 12 months.

In a previous report we revealed how Pastor Amin Khaki along with several believers were convicted of spreading Christianity in Iran. The other believers who were convicted were Hossein Barounzadeh, Mohammad Bahrami and Rahman Bahmani. Each of them have already served 10 months in prison and will be required to serve the additional two months. We ask that you pray for these believers who are living their lives in accordance with the Word of God despite the grave danger they are facing to their own lives and persons.

We want to remind you of their testimonies. Brother Rahman Bahmani testified during one of his interrogation sessions that, “I was converted four years ago and attended the services in Karaj, Susa, Ahvaz and Turkey. I changed a lot. I wasn’t a good man before and when my wife saw the changes in me she converted to Christianity as well, and when I was asked how I was healed I would say, Jesus healed me.”

During their investigation of brother Amin it states that, “the content of the case and also the report of the VEVAK Branch in Ahvaz is that they held illegal meetings named as house churches in rotation in several cities, like Ahvaz and Susa, attempting to spread Christianity and convert Muslims.”



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  • may the LORDJesus Christ bless your ministery with Many souls for Christ's kingdome until the last one is joined to GODs Body this is my prayer to your ministeries.

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