Behnam Irani Health Update – October 18, 2012

Behnam Irani remains in Ghezal Hezar prison serving his five-year sentence for crimes against
national security. In his verdict they also state that he is guilty of Apostasy. Due to the poor
prison conditions, he is in ill health suffering from what appears to be inflammatory bowel

Now our sources are reporting that Pastor Behnam Irani has lost an additional 10 pounds in the
last three months and that his skin is turning a yellowish color. He still has not had the medical
attention needed.

However, we know that God knows exactly what Brother Benham is going through. God’s
power is manifest in Behnam and his wife Kristina as they endure the extreme hardships of
this trial of their faith. They are standing firm and steadfast in their faith, even encouraging
and building the faith of others as they face these great trials. Please, let’s stand together with
them in prayer. Let’s also make an effort to spread the word regarding this persecution against
Behnam. You can find more details at



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