Assistance – Writing to Government Officials in Iran

I would like to enlist your assistance if you so desire. In regards to the prisoners in Iran it often helps to contact government officials so that they know that thousands of people know about the situation. I am told there are times that believers in prison around the world are released after emails and letters consistently go to the government about prisoners.

This is taken from Voice of the Martyrs.

Why write government officials?
Petitions, e-mails, letters and telegrams show officials that there are people who know and care about what happens to persecuted Christians inside their countries. Some conditions may be improved as a result. In some cases, we have seen prisoners released early after their case received international attention. If the authorities think no one cares, the Christians receive more harassment. Do not underestimate the power of your letter.

Here are three forms letters that Voice of the Martyrs uses. Change them as you see fit.

What should I write to government officials?
1. Write a short, clear message.
2. Be Polite. Remember you are representing Jesus Christ.
3. State your general concern for persecuted believers.
4. Cite some specific facts in your letter, such as names, arrest dates or specific prisons.
5. Do NOT write about politics or the government.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things some people have written in the past:
Dear Sir: We are thankful that your law in Iran allows freedom of religion. However, we heard that a man named __________ was put in the prison at ____________. We are concerned about this and about his welfare. We are praying for this man, and for your country. Please give your attention to this matter. Thank you very much.

To Whom It May Concern: Last month, ____________, a Christian from [city], was arrested and charged with [the charge]. He was given a [length of sentence] prison sentence. This person is not a criminal; he is simply a Christian trying to follow God’s word. Please release him immediately. Thank you.

Dear Sir: Last year, __________, was arrested for __________. The story of this case has been circulated around the world and thousands of Christians know about it. We are praying for him. Please release him immediately, and drop charges. We are praying for you as a leading spokesman for your country.

President Ahmadinejad can be contacted at:

The above email may be full as a result of the emails sent out of late – use this contact form but do not fill in your phone number or address. Only your email.

The Head of Diplomatic Affairs can be contacted at:

The names and locations of the prisoners are as follows.

Youcef Nadarkani and Shahin Taghizadeh are in prison in Rasht. Behrouz Khandjani and William Belyad are in prison in Shiraz.

Thank you for your assistance. Please pray before sending them, pray for wisdom, pray that the email will have an effect on the person that reads it and that they do take action.

God bless you!
Brother Jason

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