Appeal Process for Youcef Nadarkhani

We have received many inquiries as to the next step in the appeal process for brother Youcef Nardarkhani. We have verified that the appeal has been filed. The next step in this process is to wait for the Supreme Court of Iran to make a decision. There will be no hearing. There is also no specific time frame in which this decision is made. It is imperative that we all earnestly pray for Youcef and the officals making the decision during this time.

CNN is now covering the story of Youcef and Behrouz. We know that this is but a tool in the hand of God, and we are praying that it helps bring deliverance for our brothers. If you would like to read an article that they published, it can be found here:

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has also been working on behalf of Youcef and Behrouz, and has published an article calling for their release. You can read the article here:

Again, we ask that you continue to contact your government officials. Most of all, we ask for your prayer. Our hope and faith lies solely in the Lord Jesus; we continue to pray that He would strengthen the faith of these men, give them courage and boldness in the face of persecution, and that they would feel His presence with them.

God Bless you,

Jason DeMars
Present Truth Ministries



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