Persia Unveiled Delayed Release Date

Delayed Release

Persia Unveiled

Persia Unveiled


Due to a delay in our video editing process, we will need to delay the release of Persia Unveiled. We had planned on releasing it June 30, 2017. We have been unable to meet that release date. It is looking like we will be able to finish the editing and have the DVD in our hands by August 15, 2017.

Go to this link to pre-order Persia Unveiled. 

The DVD Is Completely Free

All you have to do is pay for shipping. This documentary is about the lives of the Believers of Iran and the missions work in Turkey with Iranian refugees. In our interviews with them we cover:

  • How they left Islam and came to Christ
  • How the government of Iran persecuted them
  • How they have come to know the truth
  • What their vision for ministry is moving forward

Order it right away and we will ship it on or before August 15th. 

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