The Original Sin and the Serpent’s Seed

The doctrine of the original sin and serpent’s seed is one that many scoff at and call false. I want to present first what the doctrine is in basic format and then offer only 7 corollary proofs (though there are more) leading us to the conclusion that it was a sexual sin that caused the fall and not the eating of a literal fruit.

The doctrine of the serpent’s seed is sometimes said to be that Satan had sex with Eve and the result was Cain. However, that is not what the doctrine is. The serpent’s seed is that the serpent who was the wisest beast in the garden tempted Eve to commit adultery with him and have sex for merely the sake of the pleasure it provided. The serpent was an upright creature that was very similar to the man, but not made in God’s image and likeness. He was able to speak and did so with Adam and Eve on a regular basis as is evidenced by the fact that Eve was not surprised to hear the serpent speak. Eve then gave the fruit to Adam and they did “eat”. God has a season and a time for everything under heaven (Ecc. 3:1), including the coming together of Adam and Eve to produce children. Eve had a relationship with the serpent and then went over to Adam and had the same relationship for mere pleasure outside of the purpose and season that God had for them. Though it would not have been a sin for Adam to know his wife, it was a sin in this situation because it was to be done “according to the time of life.” (Genesis 18:10)

Here are the seven proofs.

1. Genesis 3:15 the serpent is said to have a seed. Who was that seed? The context will tell us through the enmity that is shown later between Cain and Abel.
2. Genesis 3:7 Instead of wiping their mouth or covering their mouth they covered their nakedness. They covered the organ that they sinned with, their reproductive organs. If eating fruit makes people realize they are naked we better start passing the apples again.
3. Genesis 4:8 There was enmity between Cain, the serpent’s seed, and Abel, the woman’s seed.
4. Cain’s works and the works of his offspring were evil because his nature was that of a mixed seed. Hybridization brings death.
5. Eve was the mother of all living. Adam is not the father of all living. Genesis 3:20
6. Cain is never mentioned in Adam’s genealogy. Genesis 5:1-3
7. God cursed the organ that the woman sinned with, the reproductive organ not her teeth. Genesis 3:16

In the future we will dig deeper into this doctrine and point out exactly what the terms “eat” “tree of life” “tree of knowledge” “midst of the garden”, etc. mean in the context of the original sin.



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