Home Invasion in Beijing

October 25, 2010

BEIJING — Last week, about ten policemen invaded the home of a Christian in Beijing while on a search for Hua Huiqi. Every room in the house was ransacked, even a bedroom belonging to a child.

The officers also questioned the owner of the home about intentions to meet with any foreigners later that evening. The homeowner expressed their strong indignation to ChinaAid, and denounced the actions of the Beijing police for “willfully violating the basic human rights of a citizen.”

The homeowner added, “Because the Beijing police have crossed the line, and have blatantly and continually abused the basic rights of my entire family, I hereby announce that today I will begin to continually fast and pray. I will pray to the Lord to bless China and to fill it with righteousness! I also request, brothers and sisters, that you pray for me and my family, and that God may grant us freedom from fear!”