Update on the Arrest of Youssef Nadarkhani

This article was written in French and translated into English. The authors name is withheld for security purposes.

Those who expected an improvement in the situation of minorities with the government Ahmadinejad II and the new head of the judiciary Sadegh Larijani, brother of the president of the majlis will be disappointed.

Those responsible for the “Order”, who dream to end the spiritual and cultural otherness that would prevent the advent of the Mahdi decided to intensify the persecution of minorities. For them, it is now using the hard way to break Christianity.

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, head of the largest Christian community in Northern Iran comes to the cost of this new policy.

Having delivered a summons to appear before the revolutionary tribunal of Guilan, he was arrested last October 12 for protesting against the decision of local authorities to enforce the reading of the Koran to Christian children, in violation of this Declaration Universal Human Rights which states that “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education given to their children.”

The failure of Christians to exercise a right recognized in theory (by) the Constitution is “an affront” to the leaders of the Order who sometimes threaten the communist mode of forcibly remove children from their Christian parents.

“Not happy with the fact that you tolerate, you pushed away your courage by refusing that your children are taught the Koran” has served a magistrate upon his arrest.

8 days since the pastor Youcef remains in custody in violation of his constitutional rights.

Christians, Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant are second class citizens in the Islamic Republic where they are deprived, in fact, their civil rights.

For two years the parliament is working on a “law on apostasy” that could oversee the forfeiture of “civil rights” of Christians having at least one Muslim parent. Under this legislation, that dream extremists, apostasy is punishable by death. Indeed, many experts believe Islamic law, despite 30 years of power by the Islamic Order, the legislation was not enough Islamized and continues to bear the mark of Western laws and French in this case. They call for more radical actions, most daring, some as Masba Yazdi even considering that the Republic is a heresy and that we should go instead to an “Islamic power.”

Within this framework, the rights to freedom of religion has no place in the country in the eyes of radical theorists who believe that Saudi Arabia although denying citizenship to the otherness of religion does not relate to it as evil.

Ahmadinejad, who has never committed to promoting equality of citizens has repeatedly vowed to break the Christian impulse.

While time seems to Christianity Iranian dark enough, the Christmas message, “Jesus was born during the reign of the tyrant Herod, in this period there in search of the Magi came from the East.” We continue to believe that as was not in the power of Herod to prevent the birth of the King, as the spiritual son of Herod and Pharaoh will not prevent the Lord of the universe to attract more people to search the land of the Magi.



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  • I want to ask you now to take one minute of your time to safe a Christian’s life in Iran:


    Pastor Youcef should be dead already, if it was not for God’s hand holding back his pending execution. This is the first sign of victory, but the battle is not over yet. You may think it’s not worth it, or it won’t do any good, but still do it, as you all know, HOPE remains. And, if you find the time, say a prayer in faith, even if you don’t consider yourself a believer.

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