Trip Report From Brother Petros

Greetings to my true family in Christ,

By the Grace of God, I had an opportunity to minister the Word in Turkey. My trip there lasted for 16 days. I visited three cities holding bible studies, private interviews, and church services.

I started in Trabzon to follow up with a few families in order to discuss the revealed Word of the hour. After visiting two families including hours of discussion they decided to be re-baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because they were baptized in titles before.

During my time in Trabzon I was trying to find more believers desiring to hear the truth of the Word, but unfortunately, after confronting them with the Word, they started resisting it. However, after I left the city those who were running from the Word got in contact with believers who were recently baptized and after talking to them they changed their minds and had a desire to hear the Word. So they got in contact with me via phone and we had many Q&A sessions discussing various subjects as Godhead, what is the trinity and why is it false? Why aren’t we a denomination? And many other subjects, their testimony was that these sessions were really helpful and they are looking forward to meeting with me on my next trip.

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Kayseri was my next stop where I visited believers and ministered the Word. Since brother Matthias is the host of the services I tried to spend more time with him and his family and discuss modesty, tithes and offerings and other subjects, it went very well as they were testifying of the benefit of the discussions. I held two services and in the first, I spoke about true Christian living and in the second I spoke about the law and Conduct, Order and Doctrine since the church is newly planted. I thought it would be helpful for them. After each service, I took their questions. It was rewarding to see a denominational family coming to service and testifying not only that they were being fed, but they also felt safe there because all they heard was the Word and it is not just a fashion show bearing the name of the church.

By God’s Grace a former Church of Iran family, who separated due to fraudulent activities of one of the ministers, were baptized after having a private interview with me. 5 people were baptized in Trabzon and Kayseri in total, brother Omid joined me for the last 48 hours in Kayseri. Having him around with me was a comfort as I was starting to feel lonely.

Sivas was my last stop and I held two services there followed by questions and answers. I spent most of my time visiting people house to house and having fellowship with them. You could see the people were blessed by this.

I had a chance to spend more time with brother Omid and his wife on this trip. I worked with him more on how to make a good connection with people in order to be even more effective in ministering to them.

All the services were wonderful during the trip and I had good fellowship with Omid and his wife.

Thank you for your prayer and support.


Brother Petros Foroutan