Azeri Saints in Eskisehir, Turkey

I’m excited to inform you that I will soon be posting a report about some believers in Eskesehir, Turkey. They are Azeris from Iran and Afghanistan, they are Turkish speaking Iranian refugees that are in a very diffiuclt circumstance financially, but the Lord is working in their hearts in a great way. They have recently come to the message of the Lord and are still in need of a pastor. Currently an Iranian brother, currently living in Istanbul, named Firouz Khadjani is visiting them frequently.

They have many financial and spiritual needs at the time. They seek to work and are very hard working brothers and sisters, but many times they cannot find jobs or their employers don’t pay them. In the winter they have not been able to find work at all and you can get the picture of what happens then.

I’m very excited to get you this report so that you can hold them up in prayer with me and if the Spirit would lead you, give some support to help them some way in the natural. Once I get the information from our brother Firouze I will be posting it.



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