Responding to God’s Call

Brother Jason and his wife Amy and two children, Avery and Mina

Brother Jason and his wife Amy and two children, Avery and Mina

When God called me to full-time missions I resisted that call for over a year. I was working at a bank and had some level of security for myself and my family. God was dealing with my heart on a constant basis regarding this call. Then in the spring of 2012 three brothers were used of God to speak directly to my situation. None of them knew what God was calling me to. The first brother was giving an exhortation at an outreach meeting. He said when God calls us to a mission he promises to provide for us, but we doubt it. However, when our manager sends us on a business trip we understand that the company will pay for our transportation, food and lodging. We never doubt this, but when God calls us and promises us the same, we doubt. This cut to my heart and was exactly my problem.

Then the next Wednesday another brother in church spoke in service and I was contemplating these things and thinking of how could I provide for my family if I quit my job. As I was thinking of these things the minister spoke, “you say how can God provide for my family? Don’t you know that God is more than able to provide for your family.” Then I began to think about my future, “Lord, how will I retire, how will I have insurance?” The minister spoke and said, “Don’t you know that God has your future in mind and will meet every need.” After the service I fell on my face before God, knowing what he was calling me to and do my best to surrender. The next day a brother in the church sent out a quote from brother Branham and it said,

“Now, Joshua, in all this, knowing that the command was great; but, having the assurance, he could be fearless. He could be, as we’d call it, reckless, as long as he was pointed the right way. He might break up against a hill that would knock him backwards, but he was carried the right way. 56  So can the Church of the living God be reckless and fearless, in faith, if we’re pointed the right way. For, He said, “As I was with Moses, I’ll be with you. I’ll not fail you nor forsake you.” He never forsaken Moses. He never failed Moses. He will not fail Joshua. He will not fail us. He’ll be with us.”1

Though it seemed impossible, I didn’t have the promise of financial support from anyone. I didn’t even have the possibility that my small local church could support me financially, but God was promising to me that he would provide for me, for my family, for my future and that no matter how reckless it seemed if I was doing the will of God he would make a way for me.

Now, it will have been 4 years August 26th, since I’ve quit my job at the bank. We’ve faced many trials, but God has been faithful and provided for us every single month. Every time there was a need, He has made a way. Praise HIM! He is faithful!

1-60-0911M – As I Was With Moses, So I Will Be With Thee, Rev. William Marrion Branham,