Urgent Needs For Iranian Believers

Please review this information below. If you would like to help the families please see the information below.

This is an urgent request for prayer in regards to the situation for the message believers in Iran. They have been imprisoned because of their faith in God and the continued growth of the church there.

The crime they are charged with is apostasy and under Islamic sharia law the punishment could be death. Though the Islamic Republic of Iran’s law states that Christians are allowed to practice their faith they are not to evangelize Muslims and the Muslims are not to abandon their faith.

With God all things are possible. We have already found out that brother Mahyar has been released from prison on soft bail, that is a family member or friend has posted a guarantee that they will suffer the consequences for him if he flees. We are praying to a God who holds the hearts of governors, presidents, prime ministers and supreme leaders in His hands. If you ask anything in the name of Jesus Christ he will do it.

Please join us in sincere, fervent prayer for these believers in Iran.

If  you’d like to give an offering to them please email me at demjas@gmail.com:

If you prefer to give via paypal you can send funds to demjas@gmail.com
Thanks and God bless you!
Brother Jason