God Is Moving Among Christians In Iran

God is moving in a mighty way among Persian’s to bring them to faith in Jesus Christ. There are now many Christians in Iran.

This is unprecedented in the history of the lands where Islam has ruled. With an Islamic government opposing this move with death threats, constant surveillance, imprisonment and danger, the Lord is supernaturally calling a remnant to Himself. These are the stories of a few Iranian Christians. 

Christians in Iran

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Today, there is a great move of Iranians leaving Islam and coming to Christianity–hundreds of thousands of them. The Christian Post reporting on figures from Elam Ministries, an Iranian ministry based in London,  states, “The group said that 20 years ago, estimates put the number of believers in Iran at only 2,000–5,000 people, but new statistics are saying there could be anywhere between 300,000 to 1 million Christians in the country.” God is sweeping through the Persian-speaking peoples. They have become disgusted with the religion of Islam and are becoming Christians in Iran. They have seen the freedom which lies in Christianity and they are turning to it in large numbers.

20 years ago, estimates put the number of Christians in Iran at only 2,000–5,000 people, but new statistics are saying there could be anywhere between 300,000 to 1 million Christians in the country.

One of the believers reports, “I saw Christ in my dream and His arms were outstretched, waiting for me. I heard a voice like a thunder from heaven telling me, ‘Yes! Yes! This is the way you ought to go.’ The voice stayed still…I could hear him in my ears.”

It was 5 am when he awoke from the dream. He immediately went and woke up his brother saying, “Wake up! I’m going to repent. I have to do it right now.” And the believer gave his heart to Christ.

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Blind folded, handcuffed, shackled and taken down into the basement of notorious Evin Prison in Tehran, Iran. Then being put up on a chair with a noose around your neck. With fear and adrenaline coursing through your veins you are told, “now is the moment of truth, will you recant your faith in Jesus Christ or will you die?” 

One sister, who was home alone with the secret police came, told us, “They confiscated everything in the house including picture frames, wedding photos, wedding videos, their Bibles, and even a small Bible that belonged to our daughter. At first, I was angry, but then I remembered that those that followed Christ would be persecuted for His name. I was able to rejoice in this present persecution and as VEVAK [Iranian secret police] was leaving, I told them, “You might confiscate everything and take them away, but there is one you cannot take, and that is Christ within me.” There are now many Christians in Iran that are desiring to grow in their faith. They need our prayers and support. 

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