Day 6 in Kayseri

On day 6 in Kayseri we met with a family that had been going to another church in the area. They came to our service for the first time last Sunday. We went to visit them, learn about their testimonies and answer any questions they might have. They had a very nice family with a sweet spirit in their home.

They were going to a church that refused to baptize them because they wanted them to go to a catechism type class for several months. Anf because of work he missed a few of the classes and as a result they wouldn’t baptize them.  They asked me if this is biblical and normal. So I took the time to show them how the apostles in the book of Acts handled these kinds of situations and showed that there was no catechism class. If they repented and believed with all their heart they must submit to baptism in obedience to the command of the Lordin Acts 2:38. They told me they wanted to be baptized.

Then he asked me, “are my sins not forgiven because I was not baptized yet?” So I explained to him that salvation is by th blood of Christ not water. Then I showed them from Ephesians 2:8-9 that salvation is by grace through faith not water baptism. But baptism is an outward expression that there has been an inward work.

Tomorrow evening we will have a service in the evening. Please remember it in your prayers.