Day 5 in Kayseri

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We had a busy and marvelous day today. We met with several new believers: a single sister and her daughter, a young man whose wife left him and a family that belongs to a Pentecostal church.

The single sister had many question about the Godhead and we discussed them for several hours along with getting to know more about her life.

The young man was in great distress. It was a tremendous spiritual warfare that we entered into. The devil is seeking to destroy his life. We enlightened him to the fact that he is in a spiritual battle. We encouraged him with the love and promises of God. He was still discouraged, but felt some relief from the love and care he received.

In the evening we met with a family that attended our church here for the first time last Sunday. They belong to a Pentecostal church here and without telling us a woman minister from that church came to the meeting. I wasn’t there with an agenda at all. I told them, we are here to have fellowship, share some testimonies, and if you have any questions we are glad to answer them. It was a good time of fellowship. They shared their testimonies, I shared some of mine, I encouraged them with a few Bible verses and closed with prayer together.

Tomorrow we will continue with private interviews. Pray for us.