Day 3 in Kayseri

Today we spent the morning in prayer seeking the mind of the Lord about the remainder of the trip. We were having a difficult time finding a place that we could the remainder of the services. Every hotel was booked or didn’t want Christians holding services there.

I started to pray and ask the Lord to open the door or else I would see it as a sign we needed to change our schedule. I heard something speak, go into your bed and I will show you what to do. So I went and laid down and within a few minutes brother Omid made another phone call and they said they could allow us to use their facility and it was a very affordable price. The Lord said, just rest and I will show you!

In the evening we went to visit a family of brand new believers that just recently converted from Islam. They basically convert because of their dislike of Islam. In our discusssion we answered some questions that revealed they basically did not know th Gospel. I spoke at length about sin, God’s demands upon us for holiness, God’s sovereign grace that gives us the gift of grace and the transforming power of the new birth, why the Trinity of three persons is three gods, and why no one can be saved apart from the finished work of Jesus Christ at Calvary. I even spent 20 minutes covering why the Bible is unique and inspired of God. They were so hungry and desirous to know the truth. It was a great blessing and also it showed the tremendous need for fundamental Bible teaching.

Please remember us in prayer. Tomorrow night we have a service with the believers. We need the wisdom and power of God desperately.