Day 10 – Tokat

Today we traveled to the city of Tokat to visit an Arabic speaking Iraqi family. They are originally from Mosul, Iraq. They had to flee their city when ISIS started to bomb it. Their home and cars were destroyed. They escaped with their lives and moved through Kurdistan into Turkey. Their ancestors are all Christians with a Catholic background. They confessed they knew nothing of their faith until they moved to Turkey and started reading the Bible. They were very desirous to learn more of the Bible. Unfortunately my Farsi speaking interpreter, Brother Omid, could not easily communicate in Turkish or Arabic with them. I did my best to pray for them as it was translated to Turkish then to Arabic and to do a very brief Bible teaching on God’s faithfulness to start and complete the work in us. 

There are 4 or 5 families that wish to meet and learn more about the Word of God. They need Bibles and we need an interpreter that can translate from English to Arabic. Please pray for that for us. A great door is being opened into the Arab speaking world, but we need the gift of languages to walk through. Please pray!