Day 1 Missions Trip in Kayseri, Turkey

Looking into the service from the doorway while Brother Omid leads worship

I arrived in Kayseri, Turkey after about 22 hours in transit. I was very exhausted so I stayed up a few hours finished an article on the seven thunders, chatted with Brother Omid, my translator, and co-minister, then went off to sleep. We slept late in the morning so I had a struggle waking up, but when service came at 4:30 PM we were ready to go.

The last time I was here in Kayseri was in April 2017. I was here for only a day but met with about 9 or 10 people. I was surprised to see around 20 believers in attendance of the service today. The team started working on this city in December 2016. We had private interviews with several families and prayerfully decided to move forward to plant a church. By God’s grace, the attendance has steadily increased. Brother Omid has had several follow-up trips since then, Brother Nehemiah and Brother Petros have also returned.

In the Sunday service today I spoke about Receiving the Spirit, going into detail about the new birth by the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I showed them through the book of Acts that it wasn’t enough to merely believe in Jesus and his death for our sins, but that true believers must go on to receive the Holy Ghost. The apostles believed but had to tarry for the Holy Ghost. The new believers in Samaria believed and were baptized, but had to receive the Holy Ghost. The disciples of John believed in Jesus but had to go on and be rebaptized in the name of the Lord Jesus and receive the Holy Ghost. Without the new birth, no one will enter the kingdom of God.

We invited anyone who desired to form a prayer line and come forward. Every single believer in the church came forward asking for prayer for various sicknesses, for peace through their refugee process and to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit really moved in the service and I believe that many people received what they have need of. We will continue on with our services throughout the week, with anticipation of what the Lord will do.


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