Current Needs

Greetings saints in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to specifically thank several supporters who have stood with us over the years and enabled the ministry to go forward. Thank you to Believers Christian Fellowship of Lima, Worldwide Missionary Outreach, Edmonton Living Word, The Evening Light Tabernacle of Milton, Bethel Tabernacle of Beaufort, Lighthouse Tabernacle of Madawaska and Grace Ministries of Hopkins for consistently supporting us. We appreciate you very much.

Here are some upcoming needs to be aware of, if you wish to contribute towards towards or sponsor them:

  1. Brother Petros traveling from Germany to Turkey for close to a month. Need is $1,500
  2. We are going to film a documentary to show the ins and outs of the missionary work in the Middle East as well as the testimonies of those involved with and impacted by the ministry. We need some assistance with gear, travel costs for a videographer/director and ministers inside of Turkey. $1,750
  3. Our hope is to hold at least one Christmas service in Turkey in order to reach Muslims with the Gospel. The cost for a Christmas service in one city is $1,000. This covers the facility, banquet food, and outreach materials needed. We have four cities that could potentially have services.
  4. One of our churches in Turkey is running behind in rent and utilities for their facility for the month of December. $400
  5. We have some ministry debts that are in need of repaying from past expenses. Any help you can provide towards that would be a great blessing and help to relieve the pressure and stress we are facing and allow full focus on the ministry at hand.

You can go to to send funds via PayPal or mail a check to:

Present Truth Ministries

PO Box 34

Hopkins, MN 55343

If you wish to send a wire transfer email us at