As Many As Are Led by the Spirit

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

-Romans 8:14

I had a very wonderful experience with God last evening. I’ve had my struggles the last few years and it’s been some time since He has led me this way and spoken to me this way. I’m so thankful for His leadership.

I had to go up to the cabin just for the evening to turn off the heat and the heater that was in the basement where the water pump was. We had went up a few weeks ago and turned on the water and its been colder than normal so we had to leave the heat on at 55 degrees (we have a large propone tank and we generally only go up on weekends so we try to leave the heat off to save money). So I went up to turn off the heat and planned on going out to eat at Big Sandy Resort then come back and have a fire and head back home around 9 in the evening.

After I turned off the heater in the crawl space I headed out to Big Sandy Lodge and come to find out that they closed down October 6th for the winter and were possibly going to open up again in May of this year. I thought wow, that’s a bummer, I really liked that place. So then I decided I’ll go over to Minnesota National Golf Course and eat at their restuarant. I pulled in and parked then went in to the restuarant and there wasn’t a soul there. I stood there for 30 seconds or so and no server or employee even came out to greet me so I left and thought I’d go over to Sather’s Grocery store and pick up a pizza and cook that at the cabin. I pulled in and they closed up about 2 hours before they normally do.

As I walked away from the door something inside of me spoke and said, ‘you should go to Duluth.’ I thought no, that’s another hour drive (I already drove 2 hours up to the cabin) plus I’m driving home tonight that will wear me out completely. So I went on deciding that I’d go to a gas station/convenience store called Willey’s and pick up a pizza. Then I began to have that convicted feeling in my conscience. So I prayed about it and I thought of Gideon putting the fleece before the Lord to help him make his decision. So I thought well, Willey’s usually carries DiGiorno pizza so I prayed “Lord I’ll stay at the cabin if they have a DiGiorno supreme pizza.” I went in to Willey’s and they no longer carry DiGiorno pizza. I asked them about what happened with Big Sandy Resort and they said that they ran out of money. So…

I went back to the cabin shut things off, closed it up and headed on over to Duluth not knowing what the Lord wanted me to do.

As I was going the Spirit was speaking to me the whole way over. I felt the presence of God so strongly with me. He showed me that He loves me so much and that His favor rests upon me insomuch that he will take all these circumstances that have nothing to do to me to lead me in a specific direction if I will listen to His voice. One business had to close down because of money trouble, another closed early on Easter weekend, another didn’t have a soul there and another discontinued DiGiorno pizza. He loves me and wants to use me so much that he will alter circumstances to direct me! What a loving Father we have!

When I got to Duluth I prayed about where I should go and the Lord so go where you like to go. So I went to Canal Park found a parking spot went in to Duluth Pack and bought some Smart Wool slippers for my baby girl Avery.

Then I decided to walk out the back door of Duluth Pack and prayed again, where should I go eat and he said go where you like. I looked up and there was Famous Dave’s one of my favorite places to eat. So I went in there thinking perhaps he would have me witness to the waitress. I just tried to be friendly with her, but she was not reciprocating so I continued to pray about what he wanted me to do and then He said that I should give a $10 tip and write on the receipt that Jesus loves her.

Then I headed over to get a cup of coffee and go for a walk on the Lake Walk wondering what He wanted me to do. Boy it was cold too! Wow! So I walked down there waiting upon the Lord and he told me “Duluth is a spiritual wasteland” and I asked “Lord what would you have me do” and he said “do what I told you to do.” My mind immediately went to how He placed upon my heart to start this blog and to use the things I’ve learned about web 2.0 to bring the message to Duluth. I’ve really fell off on writing on this blog and doing what He wants me to do. Lord forgive me and give me strength to follow your leadership as you lead me in Your burdens.

So pray for me as continue on this journey with my Lord.



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