President Elect Trump and Evangelicals

We see that Trump came to the Presidency largely with the backing of one major group, and that is the Evangelicals. Hopefully this will be what all true Christians desire and that it will be a positive development for better with laws that make it a little harder to do wrong and a little easier Read more about President Elect Trump and Evangelicals[…]

Bridge Update: Interview with Attorney at Law Jack Vissing

We’ve posted the letters of Mr. Jack Vissing discussing his experiences with William Branham.  Voice of God Recordings recently produced an interview of Mr. Jack Vissing and we’re glad to put it up here for your information! .

Russia going down for the Oil

63 years and one day ago William Branham identified a sign that would occur to show the Church just how near the coming of the Lord really was. That sign would be: Russia going down for the oil.  The conflicts in the Crimean Peninsula as well as in Georgia have both resulted in Russia’s increased Read more about Russia going down for the Oil[…]