Serpent Seed Doctrine

Serpent Seed Doctrine in the Plan of God

Looking at God’s plan for the ages clearly demonstrates what in fact the original sin was between Adam and Eve. It shows us that the original sin is properly revealed in the serpent seed doctrine. We read in various online blogs and wiki’s that this doctrine is somehow based upon poor biblical interpretation or even superstitions. Read more about Serpent Seed Doctrine in the Plan of God[…]

Ancient Humans Bred With Ghost Species

According to this scientific report, ancient humans bred with a species that was non-human. They state that it was 150,000 years ago, which we know that scientific dating is often wildly inaccurate. However; this bears record of the biblical account of the serpent injecting his genetics into the human race via Eve, then being cursed Read more about Ancient Humans Bred With Ghost Species[…]

Original Sin and Serpent’s Seed

In 2013 I wrote a short booklet entitled, “What is the Original Sin?” and it details 16 proofs of the serpent’s seed doctrine, as well as answering a long held question regarding Genesis 4:1. Brother Branham’s teaching about serpent’s seed is as true as ever. I’m so thankful this message revealed the mysteries of the Read more about Original Sin and Serpent’s Seed[…]

Further Light On Serpent’s Seed

I was recently in a church service in Denizli, Turkey where brother Petros was speaking teaching the believers the serpent’s seed doctrine. It was preached in Farsi, but a brother was translating the service for me. I thoroughly enjoyed his approach to teaching it. One point he made was such a blessing for me because Read more about Further Light On Serpent’s Seed[…]

The Serpent (Nachash) of Genesis 3:1

This is from Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Book of Genesis. The word in the text which we, following the Septuagint, translate serpent, is ??? nachash; and, according to Buxtorf and others, has three meanings in Scripture. 1. It signifies to view or observe attentively, to divine or use enchantments, because in them the augurs Read more about The Serpent (Nachash) of Genesis 3:1[…]