Father and Son: Same Person and Individual Different

We received this question in our comments on the article entitled Oneness View vs. Biblical View of the Godhead. Dear Brother Jason, The last quote really caught my attention. How do you reconcile this with where he says “he was the self-same person”? I have always wondered. Brother, this is a great question that you Read more about Father and Son: Same Person and Individual Different[…]

Father is Not the Son is Not the Holy Spirit?

As we have said before, the Bible is our Final Authority not church councils or creeds. This is a diagram of the Trinity of three persons in one essence. Three separate and distinct persons who are all God. It says the Father is not the Son and the Son is not the Spirit and vice versa. Read more about Father is Not the Son is Not the Holy Spirit?[…]

Three Eternal Persons In Fellowship?

Above is a common picture of the Trinity. Even in the book, Heaven is for Real, the child writes of seeing such a set up in heaven. But does the Bible speak of three thrones? does it speak of three separate and distinct persons interacting with each other socially for eternity? There are three people sitting Read more about Three Eternal Persons In Fellowship?[…]

Does the Bible Teach the Trinity?

Does the Bible teach the Trinity? The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.  Psalms 110:1 Many Trinitarians point to this scripture when discussing the Trinity. Capital L-O-R-D is generally understood as being the Father, and the “Lord” is usually understood as being Jesus Read more about Does the Bible Teach the Trinity?[…]

Three Persons is Three Gods?

Many people are unaware that the terminology associated with the Trinity is not Scriptural. This does not necessarily make it completely wrong, but it is problematic when it’s conclusions lead to non-biblical teachings. Let me explain this more fully. This is the terminology of Trinitarianism; three persons in one essence or as some have described Read more about Three Persons is Three Gods?[…]

Historians Speak Honestly About the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity has become a hallmark of so-called Christian orthodoxy. History clearly shows that it was a development of the catholic churches, constructed by its bishops and nurtured by its political patrons. Neither these bishops nor the political patrons should have nor could have directed the truth of God’s Word. The terms Read more about Historians Speak Honestly About the Trinity[…]

Development of the Trinity of Persons

Bible readers can determine themselves that the terms “Trinity” and “three persons” is never used in regards to God in the text of Scripture. This does not necessarily make them wrong, but historians freely admit that the doctrine of the Trinity of persons developed (to the point we have it today) over a period of Read more about Development of the Trinity of Persons[…]

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