The Great Falling Away and Restoration

The Apostle Paul prophesied that there would be a great falling away before the return of Christ.[2 Thess 2:3] This prophecy is most certainly true for in fact most all of Christendom has departed from the original faith and teachings that Christianity was founded upon.  The original church was built upon the foundation of the Read more about The Great Falling Away and Restoration[…]

Jewish Patriarchs with Pyramid Markers

It’s odd to most Gentile Believers, but pyramids are frequently found in Israel among the old Testament Saints: It is said that Rachel, the Wife to the patriarch Jacob, had a tomb capped with a pyramid. The earliest testimonies speak of a monument formed by a simple pyramid, which remembered the nefes of Judaic tombs.{1} Read more about Jewish Patriarchs with Pyramid Markers[…]

If Serpent’s Seed Is True, What Was Adam’s Sin?

In previous posts we brought out the teaching of serpent’s seed, showing that the original sin was sex, not literally eating apples. You can read more in What is the Original Sin? In this post we want to deal more with the sin of Adam. He ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and Read more about If Serpent’s Seed Is True, What Was Adam’s Sin?[…]

Architects and Engineers Discuss the Great Pyramid of Giza

We’ve heard the Prophet of God speak about the amazing engineering feat involved in building the Great Pyramid of Giza. What do modern Engineers and Architects say? You will be sure to enjoy the video linked as it goes into many details that show this work was amazing beyond even what man is capable of building Read more about Architects and Engineers Discuss the Great Pyramid of Giza[…]

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