During A Recent Trip 7 Come to Faith in Christ

This is a brief update regarding what is taking place among Iranian refugees living in Turkey. We have a team of pastors and missionaries who are actively working in Turkey. There are four churches that we have planted as well as additional cities we have worked with a few families and individuals. Our purpose is Read more about During A Recent Trip 7 Come to Faith in Christ[…]

Sending Out the Spiritual Food In Due Season

By God’s grace we have printed additional sermons of brother William Branham that have been translated into the Farsi language. This is the spiritual food that the people are in need of. Continue to pray for this work in the Middle East. The sermons that were printed last month were; How Can I Overcome? A Read more about Sending Out the Spiritual Food In Due Season[…]

Four Translations Printed

We are thankful that four translations of sermons of William Branham have been printed in Farsi for free distribution in the Turkey. They are the sermons “The Unwelcomed Christ”, “The Trial”, “A Man Running from the Presence of the Lord”, and “God’s Chosen Place of Worship.” There were 300 copies of each sermon that were printed. Read more about Four Translations Printed[…]

Refugees Coming to Know Jesus Christ

Missions Update Present Truth Ministries is continuing to do missionary work among Iranian refugees in Turkey. A continued influx of Christians and those seeking political freedom are coming into Turkey. Our purpose is to reach out to those who are still Muslims and to share the word of God and teach those denominational Christians who Read more about Refugees Coming to Know Jesus Christ[…]

The Churches Are Growing in Faith in the Middle East

The missions efforts are continuing in the Middle East. By God’s grace, nine churches have been planted and he is raising up more ministers to feed the flock of God. Pray for us as we are holding some ministers meetings in order to teach and train them in the word of God for these last Read more about The Churches Are Growing in Faith in the Middle East[…]

Bringing Clarity to Our Missions Work

As I have visited with various missions coordinators and pastors throughout the United States and Canada it has come to my attention that people have been unclear as to what we are doing for missions. We typically speak quite generally on our website about our missions work and what we are doing. Are we just Read more about Bringing Clarity to Our Missions Work[…]

New Testament’s and Jesus Movie’s Needed

While here in Turkey we visited some Iranian and Afghan Christians and those who were seeking to hear the Gospel and become Christians. Only one of them, who had been in contact with our team had a New Testament and the rest of them had neither Bibles nor New Testament’s. This really touched our heart. Read more about New Testament’s and Jesus Movie’s Needed[…]

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