About PTM

PTM is a teaching and missions ministry. We plant new churches among Iranian refugees in Turkey, teach and train ministers, and provide resources and materials to help believers be established in the faith. We have a team of ministers that we are working with. This ministry started in the summer of 2008 with teaching videos and articles expounding upon the message of the hour from the Bible. We hold to the Bible as the Absolute and bear record of the end time message that God has brought to us through his prophet, Brother William Branham.

Current Projects:

  • Local missions in Turkey
  • PTM Contender monthly teaching booklet
  • Persian language teaching videos
  • PTM Radio
  • Translation of the Message Into Farsi
  • Providing Bibles to those who have none
  • Local Persian church in Hamburg, Germany
  • Youth Bible Study in Minnesota
  • Persia Unveiled: DVD and Book on the history of our missions work and the testimonies of those involved. 

Our Team


Jason DeMars

The founder of Present Truth Ministries. He does missions in the Middle East and travels throughout the United States and Canada teaching the end time message. He currently lives in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area with his wife, Amy, and family.


Nehemiah Ardavan

He is a translator of the message into the Farsi language, a teacher and missionary. He converted from Islam in his home town of Tehran, Iran and is now living in the Toronto, Canada area. He travels to the Middle East to preach and teach this message.


Petros Foroutan

He is a missionary, specializing in making contacts and beginning the process of establishing the message in a new area. He converted from Islam in the place of his birth, Rasht, Iran. He currently resides in Hamburg, Germany and frequently travels back to Turkey.


Shahin Taghizadeh

He is the pastor of the local church in Denizli (Laodicea), Turkey. He has been working with us since August 2014 and has shown a tremendous growth in the teaching of the end time message. He lives in Denizli with his wife, Maryam, and two children, Lydia and Yushea.


Omid Kaleybar

He does missions work and is an associate pastor in Sivas, Turkey. He also does web and video design for us. He converted from Islam while live in his town of birth, Tehran, Iran. He came to Christ and began using his graphic and web design skills for the kingdom of God.